Business Resiliency Planning

Move beyond static, outdated assessments and contingency plans as well as ineffective tests and exercises. Embrace the industry's #1 provider to gain dynamic and adaptable capabilities for true business resilience.

 Showing the Fusion Framework System on a desktop


Build a foundation for your success

The Fusion Framework System is our foundational cloud-based software for business continuity, integrated risk management, IT disaster recovery, and crisis and incident management. The Fusion Framework puts you in charge by gathering and organizing data about your business to support better decision making. It allows you to capture and visualize interdependencies, build actionable plans, conduct complex simulations and exercises, and manage comprehensive recoveries. Fusion is the only provider that delivers these capabilities in one flexible, scalable system that is tailored to your company’s needs.

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Engage your entire organization

Gathering input from and sharing information with a variety of constituencies is a requirement to successfully manage risk in today’s multi-faceted organizations. Our Community Connector allows you to connect with all of these resources, from internal communities to third parties.

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Manage recoveries in one place

More than just an integration, our System Connectors have pre-built configurations for emergency notification systems, IT service management systems, and enterprise data repositories, bringing together all of the information and capabilities needed to speed recoveries and reduce impact from disruptive events.

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Expand how you manage risk with our advisors

Accelerate your program with Fuel, Fusion’s consulting services that compliments our products. Our advisors will help you to quickly drive program improvement, develop your program roadmap, and augment your staff. Complement your efforts with our subject matter expertise, industry knowledge, and experience working with organizations like yours.

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